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ShurLok Lock Box

The ShurLok offers Real Estate Professionals Quality and Reliability.

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3-5: $18.95
6-11: $17.95
12-47: $16.95
48-95: $15.50
96-143: $15.00
ShurLok has listened to the professionals and what they did not like about our competitor's product and we have designed a product specifically with YOU in mind. Read on...
The ShurLok has the following advantages over the competitor:

Better Quality: No plastic buttons or dials subject to weather and wear (planned obsolescence)
The ShurLok has an all metal construction with brass dials that are chrome pated. It is made to with duarbility in mind. We do want you to buy more ShurLoks, but not by making a product that will deteriorate with time.
Better Price: The ShurLok sells at around $10 less retail than the competition.
Easier to Use-The ShurLok opens up the first time, every time. If you have used the competition's punch button or locker room dial, you know the importance of opening the first time in front of your clients. "25 left, 14 right..." If you mess up on the dial or the punch button, you have to START OVER! With the ShurLok 4 dial, you never have to start over.
Easier to Recombinate-With the competition, you need a mechanical degree and a screw driver to change their combination. The ShurLok has a patented change button on the side whereby it only takes seconds and a coin or paperclip to change your combination. Changing the combination on the ShurLok is a piece of cake!
No Front Face to Lose-The ShurLok has a sliding door on the side and no front face that gets lost or falls off the front if someone does not place it on right. Reduce Stolen Lock Boxes- The competitor's lock box has a latch once the face is taken off whereby the shackle can be released and the box taken. The ShurLok has one combination for the shackle and another for the Key Storage; thus reducing the boxes stolen.
Reduce the overall costs of your lock box program-The ShurLok is so economical in cost that we even have some realtors leave the lock boxes on the property for those properties further from them so that they do not pay for the time and gas of picking them up.
Electronic Lock Boxes-We do not have an electronic version of the ShurLok yet. We have looked at the possibility, however, our emphais has been on quality, affordability and ease of use and we currently feel that the electronic version would not meet these criteria.

The ShurLok can be opened in the dark for you late workers. Simply roll the dials up and away from you until the numbers all lock on zero and then count your numbers down from there.

Secure- Up to 10,000 possible combinations
Durable all-metal construction
The ShurLok is the best quality lock box on the market (and at a better price than other lock boxes!)
The ShurLok construction is as follows:
Chrome-plated brass dials- Not plastic buttons or dials like other lock boxes on the market (which are purposely made to wear out with usage and weather)
Solid Metal Body- Secure metal body construction with rust resistant coating
Hardened Steel Shackle offers additional security
Protective Back- On the back of the ShurLok is a protective plastic cap and rubber bumper that protect he surface upon which the ShurLok is resting.
Zero locking- open the ShurLok in the dark
The ShurLok is great for site-impaired individuals or for opening in the dark.
The Zero Locking Feature can be used as follows:
Roll all the numbers up and away from you
Each number will lock on zero
Count the numbers up on each dial
Tip: Make your numbers smaller and closer to zero for quicker opening in the dark.

Easy to use
The ShurLok is so easy to use that a child able to read numbers can open it. Simply give the other person the 4 digit number to access the key storage compartment. The 4 dial access is a big improvement over the below types of lock boxes because it is more secure and does not require sequential steps. With the ShurLok, if you are off one number, simply correct that number... NO NEED TO START OVER AGAIN (which is VERY frustrating!):
The old Dial system- Same frustrating outdated style as the old gym lockers. 12 right, 8 left, 17 right. If your finger slips or you don't dial it just right START OVER
The Push Button- Same frustration except now you need to make sure each button is depressed correctly. If not, START OVER

ShurLok realizes that the above old methods to lock boxes can be very frustrating and time consuming. That is why we have designed a system that OPENS UP THE FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.
Easy combination changing
The ShurLok is the easiest Lock Box to recombinate and only takes seconds. This patented feature of the ShurLok came about by listening to our customers and creating a product for you that was easier to use. You do not need a screw driver and a mechanical degree to open the ShurLok. Simply follow the below easy, quick instructions:

Have the ShurLok set on the combination that opens the Shackle Using a coin or paper clip, turn the set screw on the side 90 degrees Change the combination and turn the set screw back. And that is all!

Rust Resistant
The coating on the body and the chrome plated brass dials are all resistant to rust.

Purchaser/customer/buyer of key boxes assumes any and all liabilities when using key boxes purchased from this web site. This web site, your local Association/Board of REALTORS® does not endorse, make any representation, warranty, commitment on behalf of, or promote the use of the key boxes offered for sale on this web site. It is fully understood that it is your sole obligation and responsibility when purchasing key boxes as to the use: when, where, and how. This web site, your local Association/Board of REALTORS® does not express or imply the way you should use, what codes to use, when to use, where to place, or how to use key boxes. We offer key boxes only for your convenience to purchase if you choose to use them.


Price: $19.95

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